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Monday, September 13th, 2010

Of And Channeling Spock Will Make It Even Worse

Attention Geeks! Obi Wan and Spock are both FICTIONAL characters whose primary skill sets do not include dispensing relationship advice. like what's happening right now, for instance... I'm so scared to be wrong, I have decided that I am right about everything, including all of your feelings, before you even have them, as well as everything about Pilates, about which I have only ever read one magazine blurb. That's just how I roll...

Of And Channeling Spock Will Make It Even Worse

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What the point of a web-based cartoon?

One word. Mouseovers. Look for them in your grocers freezer. . .and right here on Relevant Elephants. Fridays cartoon had five sneaky rodents! Did you find them?

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