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Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Of Wondering Who The Blender Called...

With the in-laws safely at the airport, the kitchen appliances were able to express their shock at the horrifying week they had all just spent together. So m-m-many pots and p-p-pans...Morning, noon and night. And the s-s-simmering, the infernal simmering...I feel so used... Hurry! The stove is on the ground in the fetal position, the refrigerator just keeps running when I try to get near it, and I'm off my base with a pitcher of half-blended margaritas!

Of Wondering Who The Blender Called...

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Latest news: Monday, April 14th, 2008

50 Things To Do With Your Feelings Aside From Feeling Them

Stay Tuned for this ongoing series. If I get to 50, I'll turn around and write 50 more. It's what I do instead of feeling.

Also, in case you haven't already, click on the BOOKS link to get previews of my upcoming books.

To see what other webcomics inspire me, click on the LINKS link. Keep scrolling down in LINKS if you want to see my favorite somatic links, or just want to figure out what the hell I'm talking about when I talk about somatics. You'll need to know when I start posting my Somatic Superheroes series.

I hope you are enjoying these cartoons--sometimes I know I'm the only sitting here laughing.

My unsolicited advice, if you aren't laughing, at least breathe a little deeper today.

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